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Resources and Support

You family is part of our community and we are happy to offer support and advice on any issue effecting you, directly and indirectly regarding your child’s learning and care. Though we specialise in child development we can signpost you to other services and make referrals to others. For example, we can share information on groups at local children’s centres, give you contact details for who to ask for advice on benefits, make referrals to the family wellbeing service, refer to speech therapy, providing supporting information for DLA applications and sharing guidance.  

Any of our team are happy to help, but your first ports of call are your child’s key person or Alice. You can catch us at drop off or collection time or let us know if you would like a longer chat and we’ll arrange a time if not possible straight away. 

Useful Links

Children’s Health

Oral hygiene link – NHS guidance on oral care for children

NHS dentist link – Find a local NHS dentist
Eric– Advice on all issues relating to children’s bowel and bladder movements. Useful information on toilet training and accidents including helpline
Local GP – Register with a local GP

Special Educational Needs and Speech and Language

NHS SALT – Longlands NHS Speech Therapy Service
Speech Works – Local private speech therapy service, working regularly at Moorside
Unique Kidz and Co.– Local organisation offering activities, groups and events for children with additional needs and their families

Childcare Funding

Childcare choices – Guide to funding and other support towards childcare costs including tool to find out what you are entitled to and links to apply

Family Support

Family Wellbeing (Lune Park Children’s Centre) – Local family wellbeing centre offering support and classes for families

Financial Support, Housing and Food

Entitled to – checker to find out any benefits and financial support you are entitled to
Morecambe Bay Food bank – Information on local foodbank
The Olive Branch foodbank – Information on local foodbank
Hala Pantry – local community hub offering subscription for redistributing surplus food.

Mental Health

Domestic Abuse – links for local support

Mind – Mental Health Support

Early Learning

First 5 years – App, Instagram and Facebook with lots of useful tips on child development

Tiny Happy People – BBC website and Facebook which a wealth of information on child development and parenting

Early Years Alliance Family Corner – Useful guidance for parents on a wide range of topics from Early Years Alliance

Starting School

School place form – apply for your school place here

Moorside Primary School

St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School


NSPCC – advice and helpline for any concerns regarding the safety of a child

Lancashire Children’s Safeguarding Assurance Partnership – Lancashire local authority guidance and contacts for advice and action if concerned about the safety of a child

Domestic Abuse – links for local support