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01524 66516 or 07572399254


We aim to create an inclusive community in which all families feel valued and able to contribute. Their children are acknowledged as capable learners and enabled to thrive in a nurturing and engaging environment by caring, committed and knowledgeable key people. 

We do this through recognising that their emotional well-being comes first, so they are ready to learn through a balance of child led and adult initiated experiences, based on our sound knowledge of their interests and development. 

“I feel the Pre-school staff are great at creating a friendly, yet professional environment. It is clear you know all the children and want the best for them.”

“Everyone is friendly, professional and approachable. Everyone cares for all the children and knows each of them very well.”

“The best thing is the learning focused environment, with staff who encourage and care for the children.”

Annual parent survey 2022

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Find out more about the daily routines, activities and schedules of a day in the Pre-School.